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Main focus of NextGen Oncology Group is the further development of assays for precision oncology therapy. Since tumors are as individual as a fingerprint, cancer treatment can only be successful if it takes this individuality into account. Using highly innovative assays, we determine a patient’s genetic fingerprint. The assay spectrum includes chip-based transcriptome analyses, enhanced by immunohistochemistry and quantitative PCR (PANTHER Assay), various cancer gene mutation panels designed for tissue samples and liquid biopsy (cfDNA), and other tests (circulating tumor cell quantification, chemosensitivity testing) fundamental for a personalized cancer treatment.

By analyzing all human protein-coding genes for mutations (exome analysis) a tumor’s individual mutation profile can be determined. Such profiles can be used for the development of personalized cancer vaccines on the basis of mutated neoantigen peptides.

Individual cancer genetics data have got important impact for current personalized treatment and will significantly change the therapy of tumor diseases in the years to come.