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Elephant Assay

The  ELE.PHANT assay is our state-of-the-art contribution to oncological precision medicine and the treatment of tumor diseases.

It refers to a comprehensive molecular genetic test that not only analyzes the activity of all of the tumor’s more than 20.000 genes (PANTHER Assay) but that simultaneously registers therapeutically relevant mutations in cancer and tumor suppressor genes, too.

Several of our Gene Mutation Panels are suitable assays that complement the PANTHER chip.

The right choice of Gene Mutation Panels depends both on the type of tumor and the precise treatment plan.

If, for instance, a cancer vaccination protocol is also under consideration, it makes sense to choose exome sequencing as a concomitant mutation panel since it offers a mutation analysis of all of the human protein-coding, more than 20.000 tumor genes.

This is why the ELE.PHANT assay carries its name: it offers a comprehensive image of the tumor’s entire molecular genetic landscape.

We also provide the patients and their oncologists with a molecular genetic report that contains all essential recommendations for an optimal treatment of the individual tumor disease with approved drugs and additionally, with those that are currently being tested in clinical trials and may be available under compassionate use.

Testing Requirements

Cryopreserved tumor tissue is ideal for the high resolution ELE.PHANT technology. Fresh tumor cells from fresh pleural effusions or ascitic fluid are also suitable. Fortunately, formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue is in general appropriate, too. Minuscule tissue samples (for instance, a few of slices skin from a punch biopsy or tissue collected in fine-needle aspiration biopsies) suffice. Detailed information can be found in our Specimen Collection and Transport Kits.

Duration of Testing

Depending on the type of accompanying mutation panel, 2 to 5 weeks.


In Germany, the lead time for transporting cryopreserved tissue or tissue from pleural effusions and ascitic fluid is 24 hours before a planned procedure. We will contact the respective pathological institute to arrange for the FFPE tissue blocks. A single call will do, just ring us at 0211 4477 4388 (landline) or 0171 784 989 4 (cell). We will take care of the entire logistic process for you.

We are glad to consult you in finding the right treatment!