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Endopredict Analysis

Measurement of 8 prognostic tumor genes and 3 control genes

The EndoPredict (EP) test is based on quantitative PCR technology. By measuring eight specific cancer and three normalization genes, the EP test offers a reliable molecular marker to determine the likelihood of distant recurrence in estrogen receptor-positive and HER2/neu-negative breast cancer cases.

EP contains important additional information on the well-known clinical risk factors. In combination with the lymph node status and the tumor size, a comprehensive risk score called EPclin can be derived. The EPclin is more conclusive than any other known clinical-pathological risk score.

The EP test is thus of vital importance to patients suffering from a large subsection of breast cancer diseases, the so-called luminal A and luminal B types. The EPclin score helps doctors to identify the patients who are not in need of chemotherapy. You can download a sample letter for cost absorption for your health insurance here.

Test Requirements

Routinely produced formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue blocks (FFPE) suffice for this test. Minuscule amounts of tissue (for instances, a few of slices skin from a punch biopsy) already meet our requirements.

Duration of Testing

Three working days after the arrival of the paraffin blocks.


We will contact the respective pathological institute to arrange for the FFPE tissue blocks. A single call will do, just ring us at 0211 4477 4388 (landline) or 0171 784 989 4 (cell). We will take care of the entire logistic process for you.

(1) M. Filipits et al.:A New Molecular Predictor of Distant Recurrence in ER-Positive,HER2-Negative Breast Cancer Adds Independent Information to Conventional Clinical Risk Factors. Clin Cancer Res 2011;17:6012-6020.

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