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Securing such a sample is of further importance since the cancer may yet develop metastasis that cannot be directly accessed without risk for the patient.

Patients, who are considered for new and promising drugs after having successfully completed treatment for their primary cancer without additional metastasis, can have the drugs tested on their preserved cryo tissue. Additionally, cryopreservation offers patients the possibility to keep their tumor tissue sterile and available for a latter production of their individual cancer vaccine.

“Cryopreserve your tumor tissue today for the cancer treatment of tomorrow”

The best – and in some cases such as vaccine production, only – storage option for cancer tissue is the cryopreservation. Here, a sample of the tissue is stored in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of under -190°C. Under these conditions, the tissue can be preserved in its original state with a shelf-life that is indefinite on human scales.

One special form of cryopreservation is our CryoLife procedure. Here, living tumor cells are frozen. This innovative procedure is highly elaborate, but has the advantage that after thawing, the cells are still alive and thus viable for direct testing of new drugs, for instance in the framework of chemosensitivity tests.

The Uomorphis Biobank is the only institution that offers this procedure for tumor tissue on a nationwide scale. Cooperation contracts with various hospitals all over Germany are in place. Individual patients who are interested in cryopreservation can also contact us directly. We will then arrange for the transport and if necessary, will get in touch with the operating physician.

Flow-chart of tumor-tissue cryopreservation

Frequently Asked Questions about Cryopreservation

For how long can tumor tissue be preserved?

We cryopreserve your tumor tissue in the gas phase of liquid nitrogen at a temperature of under -190°C. Under these conditions, the tissue can be preserved for several thousand years.

What are the advantages of cryopreservation?

The speed with which the development of new drugs for tumor treatment advances is rapid and gaining further ground. In the year 2012 alone, more than 1000 new cancer drugs were in development. The cancer treatment of the future is more and more personalized. Trial and error no longer determines the success of a treatment as individual tumor biology becomes more common. Cryopreserved or CryoLife frozen tumor cells are of inestimable value since all new innovative genetic procedures that qualify a new therapy and its modalities are tested on and determined around them. This includes the CancerGenomeLandscape assay we offer. Cryopreserved material is necessary to conduct the assay. The identification of HLA associated peptides for cancer vaccinations also requires cryo tissue as there is no alternative for this procedure.

Which costs arise?

For storage in the framework of cooperation contracts, the fees amount to 155€ (plus VAT) per calendar year. If the tissue removal is carried out in a clinic without established cooperation contract, additional costs for the transport and a one-time storage fee of 190€ (plus VAT) arise. This fee covers the standard procedure. If the more elaborate CryoLife procedure is chosen, the one-time storage fee rises to 390€ (plus VAT).

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